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Jun. 2nd, 2008

Moving on...

Alright, gingerbread_91's journey will officialy be moved.

All my dearest faithful readers. PLSSSS Go to my blogspot. Thanks a million.
Hope you guys will continue reading my blog.

--> Sacred Journey moving on..

May. 23rd, 2008

MAY21st <3

Argh.. do you know what does it feels like to stay at home without even steeping out of door for 3days?!
Cant even go out. My lungs are no difference to heavy smoker lungs. No stamina..

enough of that, im kinda used to life like, 
walking arnd at home, 
changing and washing wounds after bathing, 
staring at TV,
Listening to MP3,
Watch random movies,
Using com all day long
repeating to my friends what happened to me.

I still got quite sometime before i can go on sutdying. By the time im back to sch, its gonna be holidays soon.
Can you believe one whole term wasted?!
When i chat with my CSCB classmates or visit their blogs. They'll put pictures of what they cooked. It really disturbed me. Coz i miss sch.
I miss cooking
I miss practical
I miss my classmates.
I miss listening to the crap-ers in class.

I just miss almost everything.

Enough of all the negative things. Lets see what i can dig out for positive things.

I'm really touched in this period of time. I mean SERIOUSLY touched.
-First of all, I would like to thank those ppl who visited me in hospital.
Mummy and daddy
Vivien Lim Xin Er
Cheryl Bok HuiFang and Ned Kan Ying Hua :D
and of course the nurses and doctors who attended to me again and again.

- All the "get well soon" msges from my dearest cg members. Though they wont there to visit me, BUT. Their prayers and spirits were with me ALL along.

- The Get well Soon "flower" and card by Yh and Sc. <3

- **** Almost all my secondary sch classmates. Their LOVE was felt thruout. I didn know how they manage to spread to info THAT fast. BUT. Im really touched. Even when im discharged, they still accompanied me in msn, msges etc to comfort me. they said they missed the "ronaldo" in 4C. You know.. I nearly teared. Jonas called me. He wanted to give me something. Coz he had this "injury" last time. So he had something which he bought to protect the chest, so he can sleep better at night. He wanted to give me so that i can have better and more peacful nights. I know he isn't reading this. BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU! They gave me strength to continue my day with a smile on my face.

- haagen dasz staff and boss. who called me and ask how am i.

-** Ong Meijing and Sng Yunru. they didn have the time to visit me in hospital. BUT, they came all the way down from bedok to cck just to visit me. Had about 3 hours in my house laughing and talking. Im seriously touched. THANKS A MILLION.

- My ITE classmates. <3

- My daddy God who brought me over this. <3

Alot of people have been asking why MAY21st?!?! What's so special?
Alright i know after i say out, you guys are going to say me "SIAO"

May21st is the day I waitied for 9 years.... For manchester United to win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CROWN.
9 years of wait is finally finally over...
What to blame?! Nothing.
if you want, blame it on my passion towards Manchester united. Its just pure passion. Tears of joy flow out when they won it.
I just cant imagine how tense that moment was.. United nearly lost it. BUT. really Thank GOD. They won it. the joy was indescribable.
Im so looking forward to next season's 
English Premier League, 
Fa Cup, 
Club World Championship, 
Champions League, 
Euro Champions Cup, 
Community Shield,
Carling Cup.


May. 21st, 2008


Alright, Im discharged from hospital.

My lungs still have holes but the doctor discharged me. I have to go back for checkups. And if the hole is still getting bigger, I will have to stay for observation. Pray that it'll not get bigger, Coz if it does, i'll have to insert a thick tube in to my lungs to clear those airs inside.

Im on a 7days MC
14days out of sports and heavy activities that will pressure my lungs.

So ya, pls don call me. Coz i'll cough if i talk too much. And if i cough, my lung hurts.

17needles poking you isn't easy at all...... 

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